Clever Ideas for Your Spare Wood Planks

Published: 25th March 2011
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Installing your hardwood floors always requires a few extra planks for measurement errors and installation errors. But after a hard work most of us cannot stand those planks sitting around and ruining the ambiance of your home.

Little we know that these planks can be used for various things and not just a flooring material, its wood and you can do anything with it you just need a touch of imagination and you find yourself doing something creative.

Here are a few ideas you can work on

Accent your fireplace – If you have a fireplace you can accent its look to compliment with the floors. You can nail down the planks around the fireplace with just a small gap making it look like a panel. You can also install it on both sides of the furnace to have a more country side home appeal.

Wood Panels – You can nail down the wood floors on your walls especially on the foundations to create a panel like appearance and before you put frames and other ornaments. You don’t have to worry of the color since you can easily varnish it to match your wall motif.

Platform – You can create a platform using your spare hardwood planks, it is a great idea for your reading chair and any place that you want to highlight within that room. The platform can be installed using the same technique used in installing the floor and this time the original layer will serve as the sub floor or you can install it using industrial strength glue.

Backyard table – Planks are great for a table top, it will give a picnic like table. If you have an existing table you can just hammer it down on top of it or you can build one from scratch. The planks will only be used as the table top and you will require a different cut of wood for the base of the table.

Cabinet Layers – It works like the table, you can nail it on top of the existing layers to have a different appeal or you can use it as the divider itself.

Shelves – You can build new shelves for your memorabilia or basically anything. All you need is two L shaped metal bar and the planks will serve as the surface itself. Just make sure you secure the planks.

Just it keep it as a spare – If you are not too weary about it laying around them just store them on your garage it you can use it as replacements for the damaged planks, that will be very soon.

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